Why are Ugly Sweaters So Popular?

You may have noticed over the last few years that an inordinate amount of the holiday seasonal wear is now comprised of ugly looking holiday sweaters. Ugly sweater parties have taken off. Family photos with everyone -even the dog- wearing funky sweaters is now a popular choice for the holiday season. Why has this trend taken off so much? The answer seems to lie with our social media focused culture and perhaps also with nostalgia.

Perfection and Ugliness in Social Media

Social media is where we often go to create a faux life that is often more picture perfect than the reality of how we look. No matter what kind of social media we use, we tend to focus on creating unrealistic views into our personal lives with the use of social media. We use photo shop and take more than one selfie until we find a good one. Ugly sweaters allow us to embrace being more laid back and goofy in a social media obsessed world that is too focused on perfection within pictures. A bright, eye popping snowflake covered sweater is a counteract to the faux perfection of anything else on your social media.

Nostalgia Effect

Another reasoning behind the craze for uglier looking sweaters seems to be the nostalgia of them. The funky patterned sweaters of old used to be a fairly common Christmas feature decades ago. They were seen as merely a fun festive clothing item back in the day. At some point they were labeled ugly and stopped appearing during the holiday season. Looking back at old photos or remembering family and friends wearing ugly snowflake and reindeer sweaters for Christmas has made many people nostalgic for those visually bizarre articles of clothing.

What is an Ugly Sweater?

What constitutes an ugly looking Christmas sweater? An ugly looking Christmas sweater is something that is garish and often comical. Bright colors, wacky patters, funny pictures, and humorous or naughty phrases. It is common to see bears, penguins, Santa, Jesus, and reindeer on ugly Christmas sweaters. It depends partially upon an individual to decide whether or not their Christmas sweater is ugly too.

Why Choose UglyChristmasSweater.com

The UglyChristmasSweater.com web store has a variety of different Christmas sweaters to select from that have clever or rude humorous phrases on them. They keep the selection wide to allow customers to find precisely what they are seeking out. It makes sense to select them as an option for your ugly looking sweaters because they keep up a wide variety of stock for both men and women. They sell 3D sweaters and naughty sweaters as well. The company keeps prices fair, so you can even choose more than one funky ugly sweater. Free shipping is available on orders over $60.

Christmas sweaters with an ugly side are likely not going anywhere any time soon as social media is still a big impactful part of our culture. The medicine that the ugly sweater serves for treating over perfectionism is necessary in this society, and keeps us capable of distressing about less than perfect holiday occasions. The nostalgia effect will not die for now either. Select a sweater from UglyChristmasSweater.com to wear during your holiday work parties or family gatherings.

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