Top Tips on Buying Bridesmaid Dresses – What to Avoid

Owing to the solemnity of weddings, bridesmaids cannot choose to wear their favorite black or purple dresses.  The popular colors are sunny yellows, blazing reds, easy blues, summery pinks, and cool greens.  Other than the mournful colors to avoid, there are other no-no’s you should know such as wrecking your budget if you can only afford $100 or less on Bridesmaid Dresses.

Wrong Fit

Even if you can only spare a little under one hundred dollars for cheap Bridesmaid Dresses for your friends, you don’t have to give up your exacting standards.  Your bridesmaids deserve to look their picture-best on your wedding day and not only that, they should also be comfortable in their dresses.  Let them try on the dress and walk, bend, and stretch to gauge the comfort level of the dress.

The dress should have a nice fit to flatter her figure and show off her prized assets.  Nobody needs to know she’s wearing an inexpensive dress you found in a discount shop or in a flea market.  Yes, great finds have been made there, mind you.

Too Revealing Dresses

A wedding is a solemn rite.  Bridesmaids should avoid making a spectacle of themselves by wearing dresses with too deep a cleavage, thigh-high slits, or see-through gowns.  This is your show, so ask your friends ever so nicely to avoid the rock-star or ‘vampish’ look for their bridesmaid dress.  Unless yours is a bikini beach party theme, they can slip into frilly two-piece swim wear.

Overly-Beaded Dresses

Ornate beads can add pizazz to any dress but overdone, this can atrocious and in the long run makes a dress gaudy and cheap.  The dress can be heavy and uncomfortable if there are beads all over.  The bridesmaids should be comfortable to be able to perform their roles, they’ll have to babysit you before the wedding march, usher in guests, and dance at the reception. In a heavily-beaded dress, they’ll be walking around like zombies.

Frilly Plus-Sized Dresses

Frills are alright but if your bridesmaids are plus-sized ribbons and bows can only emphasize their girth.  Let them go the simple route and they’ll be perfectly divine in their plus-sized formals.  If you want frills on their dresses, don’t risk it. Like you, they deserve to look great when they march down the aisle in their simple but show-stopping outfits.

Ordering Dresses Sight Unseen

Just because you have no time to do the shopping, ordering dresses sight unseen, is not a smart move.  You and your bridesmaids should be able to see the dresses first-hand, feel the fabrics, and see to the fit.  Shops may allow you to return and have the dresses exchanged for a better fit or fabric but there are additional fees to pay.  Better be sure than sorry because you can’t postpone your wedding day because the dresses didn’t fit, or these were not the color shade you wanted.

Late Shopping

Don’t delay the shopping for a bridesmaid’s dress. It may sound easy but when you’re actually doing the rounds, it can be a frustrating exercise.  The trick is to do your shopping much ahead of time until you find the ‘perfect’ dress with the perfect fit at a discounted price.

Now that you have everything down to pat, shop for Bridesmaid Dresses with confidence.

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