Top 3 Bedside Lamps for Reading

If you’re anything like me, than you probably start and end each day with a novel. And sneak a few chapters in the middle of the day as well and oh, let’s not forget about the late night or all night reading sprees. Bookworms would know, books are everything we have. But all this reading badly affects the eyesight and that’s where the reading lamps come in.

Proper bedside lighting is really important for people who like to read in bed. There are numerous bedside lamps available in the market, each with different qualities and features that makes all of them a desirable choice.

However, you should know that there is a specific lamp for every activity. Bedside lamps can be for reading as well as sleeping purposes. This article reviews bedside lamps that are suitable for reading. You should do a thorough research before buying a lamp because buying a lamp is not as easy as you think. You need to consider watts, lumens, the temperature and color of the light before you make a decision.

All of these factors are important because they directly affect the eyesight. It is equally difficult to find a place where the best lamps are stocked. Online shopping and retailers are a good choice for browsing bedside lamps. You can also check out this article for more exciting deals and lamps. With that said, here are some of the best bedside lamps to buy in 2018.

Elise Mini Table Lamp

This minimalist lamp comes from Pablo Designs and is definitely the best bedside lamp to buy this year. The design of this mini lamp is simple yet trendy. It features an aluminum base with a towering frosted shade which creates a romantic glow over the room. It is perfect for late night reading and comes in different colors and sizes that can complement any interior décor in the house. Some of the best features of Elise Mini Table Lamp are:

  • It is available in small as well as large sizes
  • It consumes very little energy, the large sized-lamp consumes about 40 watt and the small-sized lamps consumes about 25 watt of energy
  • You can choose from different colors such as warm yellow or cool white depending on your preference
  • The brightness of this lamp is adjustable
  • It has a very neat and minimalist design that is perfect for every room
  • The cost of this lamp ranges from $125 to $165

Dioscuri Table Lamp

Another minimalist lamp which is perfect for bedside table. The lamp is globe-shaped and casts a warm glow over the room. It allows comfortable reading without putting too much exertion on the eyes. You can also use it as a night light. The lamp comes in different sizes like mini, small, large and medium. You can buy one or the set of four different sized globes together. Placing all the lamps together can also create a focal lighting piece in a room. Some features of Dioscuri Table Lamp are:

  • The lamp is durable and made of thermoplastic resin while the globe is made of acid-etched glass
  • It is only available in white color
  • You can change the brightness of the light from warm to cool tones
  • The globes are powered by electrical batteries
  • It is available in different sizes
  • The price of Dioscuri Table Lamps ranges from $187 to $518 depending on the number of lamps you buy

Mr. n LED Table Lamp

This lamp is probably the best bedside lamp to buy in 2018. It is extremely innovative and works on cutting edge technology. The design of the lamp is minimalist and arch-shaped and is a perfect addition to any bedroom lighting fixtures. You can turn the lamp on and off by touching the bottom of the arch and control the brightness of the light by running a finger along the edge of the curve, just like controlling the music volume on smartphone. The top features of this lamp are:

  • It uses LED lighting strip
  • It consumes energy of merely 5 watts which means it is cost as well as energy efficient
  • It comes in various tones such as metallic, black and silver
  • The aluminum composition and the design of the lamp makes the lamp completely resistant to breakages
  • You can adjust the brightness on a scale from 0 to 100
  • n LED Table Lamp costs about $124


One of the best things every room should always have is lamps. I’m not talking about just any type of lamp here, but stunning lamps that will illuminate the room and add more beauty to it.

I’m sure that after reading this post, you’ve been able to decide on which bedside lamp is best for you. Now, take your time and shop for the one you want.

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