The Truth about Russian, European and Asian Hair Extensions


The Truth about Russian, European and Asian Hair Extensions

When you get more familiar with the hair extension market, you realise that most salons claim that they have the highest quality, virgin Russian hair donors. They sell this hair for hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, in reality, this hair comes from many other sources and is heavily processed before it reaches any hair salon.

Quick Facts: Asian/European Hair Extensions

  • Hair only last in original condition for a short period
  • Not recommended to colour as hair becomes even more porous
  • Does not look real
  • Not recommended to swim
  • Frequently tangles
  • Maintenance is very high
  • Needs to be styled often

Quick Facts: Raw Virgin Russian Hair Extensions

  • Looks natural
  • Can be coloured
  • Swimming causes no damage
  • Hair does not tangle
  • Maintenance is very low
  • Hair can be left to dry naturally
  • Last for years if well cared for
  • Need less as hair has more volume

The European Hair

The hair used for extensions, found in hair salons usually comes from Europe, predominantly from donors who are native to South America, Italy or some Eurasian countries. Cuticles of this hair have been processed to remove split ends, get rid of the thick texture and remove the dark colour pigmentation. Then, in order to resemble common western, Caucasian hair, fabric colours are used for tinting and achieving the desired shade.

Indian/Asian Hair

Indian and Asian people usually have very dark and straight hair. Thus, their hair needs to be processed the same way as the ones coming from Europe, even harsher. Once the pigments have, almost entirely, been removed, a layer of silicon coating is applied to make up for the lost texture. Due to these facts, Asian hair is the cheapest type of extension and lasts for the shortest amount of time, and they are clearly noticeable.

Raw Virgin Russian Hair

Raw virgin Russian hair has NEVER been chemically treated and is Caucasian hair, so the cuticle is not processed and stripped, unlike Asian and European hair. This hair reacts beautifully to salon hair products and remains silky even after colouring and lighting. Raw virgin Russian hair is widely known as the “creme de La creme” of hair and of the finest quality. The hair not only looks the most natural but also last for years not months. Russian hair is softer and more compatible with western hair allowing the hair to move naturally with more volume which means fewer extensions and less potential damage to your natural hair. Visit ¬†for high-quality 100% Remy Russian hair extensions.

The Cost and Additional Facts

Due to the scarce nature of sourcing raw virgin Russian hair, the initial cost can be significantly more than European and Asian hair. People only compare prices directly; however, volume and durability should also be an important consideration. You may find that over the long term you can purchase raw virgin Russian hair for the same price as Asian or European hair when allowing for how long the hair will last and how many extensions you need.

Chemically treated hair is flat and lifeless needing more hair to produce the same affect as non treated hair. In addition to volume, raw virgin Russian hair will last for years not months, so the only cost is the cost a hair extension stylist will charge for uplifting the extensions. Many well-known brands do not offer uplifting due to the poor quality and durability of the product they use. If a hair extension stylist or salon claims to provide raw virgin Russian hair yet can only guarantee that the extensions will last for less than six months, then the hair isn’t raw virgin Russian hair.