Selecting The Perfect Graduation Gift


Summer is right around the corner, and you may have young people in your family who are graduating from high school or college. You may be looking in department stores and checking out websites for the perfect gift. It may be a challenge, since you want something original that the graduate can use. Often, graduation presents become heirlooms that are passed down through generations.

Are you still trying to find that special gift? Here are a few graduation gift ideas for you to consider:

Fountain Pen
Nothing speaks elegance as much as a customized fountain pen. These useful works of art were inspired by the ancient stylus and the later plume and ink. Fountain pens have been around since 1827, says They have an ink bladder that stores the ink and a decorative nub that does the writing. While vintage fountain pens can cost thousands of dollars, you can find modern ones at good prices. To make your gift even more special, have the recipient’s initials engraved in the pen. It will be a classy item to take on a first interview or a new job. Your gift may inspire a future collection.
Since your new graduates may be starting college or a career, they always need to be aware of time management. What better way to encourage this than a gift of a beautiful watch. They come in a plethora of styles and brands. Consider the recipient’s personal style when you choose a watch. Someone who is a minimalist would probably appreciate wood grain watches with a matching leather band. If you are buying for someone who has a glitzy style, try an elegant gold or silver tone with sparkling gemstones. If you are purchasing a high-end product, you can have the jeweler engrave initials or an enduring quote.

A Handcrafted Journal
Whether your recipients are starting a new job or going to travel for a while, a quality journal would be a welcomed gift. You can find stunningly handcrafted journals in specialty stores or online. These wonderful books are perfect for taking notes, keeping a diary, or sketching. Many of them are made of hand-tooled leather and homemade paper. As an additional gift, wrap up some nice colored pencils and a quality ink pen. Your thoughtful gift may turn into a journal that will be passed on to the recipient’s children.

Old World Lock Box
Both men and women love having a place to put their watches, jewelry, and special keepsakes. Old world boxes can be crafted of various types of fine wood, such as cedar, cherry, or rosewood. Vintage lock boxes are often enameled with beautiful designs or pictures. You can choose a masculine or feminine style that the recipient will love. Old world lock boxes make perfect decorative accents on bureaus, night stands, or desks. Some people use them to store stationery and other writing supplies. You can find many vintage old world boxes for good prices at flea markets, auctions, or tag sales. If not, shop online for new ones that have a vintage style.

Graduating from high school or college is a major milestone in young people’s lives. Celebrate the moment with a thoughtful gift that they can use for a long time. They will always remember the special day and how much you love them.