Reasons Why You Should Switch To No Tie Laces


Many people do not put much thought on their choice for shoestrings. If you are looking to replace your shoelaces, you will most likely consider the length and color and that would be the end of that. However, you can get a whole new outlook on your view of laces when you switch to no tie laces. This shoelace technology will change your perspective on shoe strings and how much function you can get out of them.

No tie laces take the comfort levels of your footwear to a whole different level. You will be surprised as to how much transformation your lifestyle will undergo with this technology. Switching to this technology will be to your advantage in a number of ways. You will gain from:

Saved time

These advanced shoe laces allow you to save time. Putting on shoes with laces means you have to take a minute to tie up your shoelace. With these fasteners, your shoes become effectively slip on. It means you do not have to open laces or tie them up. This will take a minute off your preparation time. While this may seem inconsequential, you will be happy if you are in a hurry or on a tight schedule. You will really appreciate that free minute or two.


The shoe technology allows you to remove or wear your shoes very fast. In an emergency this is really convenient. While you may not always be in a hurry every day, this technology comes in handy if you undertake any sports. Untied shoe laces during play is not only dangerous but the loose shoes interfere with your game. With the no tie laces, you do not have to pause the game to tie your shoes. You have continued play, which goes to your advantage as you can focus on the game better.


These shoe fasteners are compatible with all shoe types. You can use them for any number of activities as they accommodate any use you put your shoes to. Therefore, beyond active sports, you can have them on your everyday shoes and they will still provide the same level of service. Since they suit all types of shoe brands and designs, you will enjoy this technology at all times. you can get them in different colors that blend with your shoes well.

Assured durability

These fasteners are durable. They will last long before you need to replace them. They do not get worn out over time or break. You will have a cost effective solution to your shoe lacing issues. They may even outlast your shoes. Since you can easily use them on other pair of shoes, you will always have use for them. They easily tolerate all extreme weather and you will not have to worry about them changing function in wet or hot conditions.

Comfortable fit

These shoelaces are easy to adjust to your desired level of comfort. With conventional shoestrings, you may have some areas too tight and other too loose. You can adjust the no tie fasteners at shoe eyelet level for an overall comfortable fit. Since the shoelace is elastic, it will easily conform to your foot shape and activity.