Promotional, Plastic Stadium Cups for Every Need


There are a few things people expect to see at sporting events. Promotional gear happens to be one of those items. Sometimes, these items are for sale, but more often than not, they can be given out for free throughout the event as thank you gifts in goodie bags or as door prizes. One of the most common types of promotional gear found at sporting events is plastic stadium cups. In more cases than not, they are customizable to any team’s needs. However, these cups do not have to be only used at stadium events. They can be designed to meet the needs of any event at any given time. Here are some great reasons why you should click here and order some today.

Perfect for Every Event

Stadium cups are rather inexpensive when it comes to designing them for special events. They can be used as party favors for baby showers, bridal showers, anniversary events, and even at weddings. They are also great to commemorate fundraisers. They can be given in goodie bags at various types of conventions, especially in instances of marketing concerns. They are often rather inexpensive, so many can be purchased for one design and given out at a relatively low cost. They often come in bright colors, too, so they can be matched up to any color scheme with ease. Some of the colors they come in include orange, navy blue, royal blue, green, lime green, yellow, black, white, clear, burgundy, pink, red, and much more.

Sizes of Stadium Cups

More often than not, these promotional, stadium cups come in standard sizes. Some of the most common sizes are 10 ounces, 12 ounces, and 16 ounces. However, color and design limitations might be present in certain sizes. Therefore, the right size has to be picked with diligence.

Cool Color Changing Effects

Some of these stadium cups in multiple colors for one cup. In other words, these cups can change colors depending on if a hot or cold beverage is added to them. The color changing options can be paired with ease. For example, a cup that is a shade of off-white that looks like a soft blue color might change to a vibrant cobalt shade if cold beverages are placed in them, but they might turn a navy blue color if hot beverages are added instead. These colors can, therefore, be tailored to match a color scheme for a company, school team, or event with ease. If a team’s colors are green and white, they can change from one of those colors to another when beverages are poured into these cups.

Reliable Materials

These promotional cups are often made of durable plastic. More often than not, the plastic is BPA-free, so they are environmentally safe. This material also guarantees these cups will withstand dishwashing with ease. Hence, they are able to stay in a person’s cabinet for repeated use for years to come. They are also rather durable and substantial, so they might be ideal for people to use in a home or gathering where a lot of children are present. This material also makes them perfect for frequent use, too.


These promotional, stadium cups are perfect for any event. They can be tailored to any company or person’s needs with ease. If you are in need for some goodie bag swag for an event or party, these cups should be considered wholeheartedly.