Ideas for Decorating with Customized Balloons

When you decorate for a party of any kind, one thing that you can use anywhere in the building or outside is a balloon. You can get balloons in all colors, shapes, and designs. There are also balloons that you can get that are customized for the event you’re hosting, such as numbers, letters or shapes. When you begin searching for latex balloons, you should think about the event, the person who the event is for and how many balloons you’re going to need for tables, the wall, and other surfaces.

Look Before You Buy Some balloons might look different in the package than they do when they are blown up, so you should try to find an example of the balloons that you like that already have air in them. Pictures online allow you to look at this now instead of going to a store to see what balloons are offered. Examine the shine that the balloons have and how long the balloons could stay inflated if the party will last for a few hours or if you’re decorating the day ahead.

Decoration Ideas When you’ve found the customized balloons that you want, you can begin thinking about how you’re going to decorate with them. One way is to create a balloon wall. Hang streamers from the ceiling in front of the wall with a variety of balloons taped to the wall in a design or arranged in a word or number.

If you get balloons that are in shapes like fruits, animals or other designs, you can hang them on a thin line to make a garland. Try to find shapes that blend with the theme of the party, such as animals for a circus party. For special events, like birthdays, you can usually find large balloons in the shapes of numbers that you can display at the entry door or in the center of the room. You can get balloons customized with names on them or write on the balloons once you get them at the venue.

Reasons To Get Customized Balloons There are several reasons why you might want to get balloons customized. You can get balloons for a marathon so that participants and viewers know what kind of event it is and so that they can take home a souvenir from the event. Get a picture printed on the balloons for an engagement party, a graduation, a birthday or for a wedding reception. Lighter colors work best if you’re planning to put a picture on the balloons. You can also get names of the people in the picture printed on the balloon as well as ages and dates. This idea is one that is a bit different than sending guests home with a piece of paper or sending the guest of honor home with a few cards. Custom balloons can be used for fundraisers as a way to kick off the event or as a way to make people aware of what you’re selling and who it will benefit.


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