Creating A Beautful Bedroom On A Budget


We spend an average of 33% of our lives in the bed, says If you are in your room that much, then it should be one of the most beautiful places in the house. Unfortunately, many people put their rooms on the backburner when it is time to redecorate.

You do not have to spend a fortune on refurbishing your bedroom. It should be a relaxing oasis that shuts you away from the world. Its theme and colors should be relaxing and representative of the things you love. If you are considering re-doing your room soon and have a shoestring budget, try some of these money-saving hints:

A New Coat Of Paint
One of the easiest ways to give a room a new look is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Bedroom colors should be cool or neutral, to induce calmness and relaxation. Depending on where you buy your paint and the particular brand, you can spend up to $ 50 (or more) for a gallon of paint. You may need a couple gallons to finish your room—plus trim paint.

Save yourself a few bucks by looking in the mis-tint section of the store’s paint department. You will find a shelf or two of paints that customers returned because they were not happy with the color. You may find one of these returns that will look perfect in your room. It is the same quality paint brand. Most stores slash the price of their mis-tints 50% or more. Use the money you save for other decorative supplies you need.

Revamping Your Bed
For most people, their beds are the focal point in the bedroom. Does your bed say opulence and va-voom, or does it say tired and boring? If your bedding has seen better days, you can create a whole new look with a new set.

Experiment with color and texture until you find the best look for you. Whether you prefer a bedspread or comforter, choose one that brings in some of the colors of your room. Or, it can be a contrasting accent color. You can often find lovely coordinating sheets on sale around spring time. Give your bed the crowning touch with a linen bedskirt.

To make your bed look so luxurious that you do not want to leave it, decorate it with several pillows. Use coordinating colors, different sizes, and interesting fabrics. If you are handy with sewing, you can save some money by making your own throw pillows.

Accessorizing the Frugal Way
Contrary to what you may have thought, frugal does not mean cheap. It is buying the best quality items for your budget. Once you have your bedroom completely de-cluttered, you can choose accessories that will be perfect complements to your new décor.

Start with things that you already have. You may find something in another room that would look better in your bedroom. Find one picture or another piece of art that will be the focal point of the room, and work around it. You would be surprised at the beautiful things you can find for nearly nothing at thrift stores. Only add things in the room that have a purpose or that you truly love.

Your bedroom should be a welcoming sanctuary. With a few decorating tricks, you can give it new life without spending a lot of money. That should be something that helps you have sweet dreams!