Beat the scorching heat of summer by dressing your baby in the right baby wear

New moms always have vivid memories of the delivery room where the nurse rushes to wrap your newborn in a blanket when they come into this world. Later on there was this strange obsession of hats and booties, especially from Grandma. Everything that is done to a newborn baby is to ensure that he is kept warm. Babies have very little ability to manage their body temperature and this makes it equally important for you to make him stay cool in summer and warm during winter.

For the first-time parents, it is often a daunting task to choose the appropriate clothes for their newborn. Their biggest concern is ‘how much to buy’! During summer, there are outdoor gatherings, social events and barbecue arrangements where you might have to take your baby. The safety and health of your baby plays a vital role in choosing kids outfits. Here are few things to keep in mind. 

Are hats and socks a ‘must’?

We all are aware of the simple thing that sweating is a way in which the body tends to cool itself down. But do babies sweat? Very less, and even if they do, they sweat a little from their hands, neck, head and feet. Due to this fact, they may tend to get overheated during the summer weather. Hence when it’s hot outside, putting on hats and socks on babies will restrain its ability to cool down. Keep aside those hats and socks in summer unless it’s the hat that protects it from the sunrays.

What type of clothing is ‘too much’ and what is ‘too little’?

Being a parent, what are you wearing during the summer? Are you comfortable in t-shirt and pajamas? Do you feel cool in it? If yes, it is most probably the same case with your baby. For the hot summer days, a bodysuit with cotton sleeve which has got a fastener right below the crotch is perfect. If the weather cools down, you can then add layers. On the contrary, if you feel too hot during summer and you feel comfortable in your undies, your baby will also feel comfortable in nappies.

How about wrapping your baby?

Even though it’s pretty hot, there are still many babies who love to be wrapped during sleep. Hence, on really hot summer days, just strip down to a nappy and then wrap him in a cotton cloth or a light muslin cloth. The head of the baby should remain uncovered and also make sure his hands are out of the wrap so that he feels comfortable.

How to know if your baby feels hot?

Despite of taking care of the baby wear during summer, if your baby still feels hot, here are the few signs that you’ll watch out for:

  • Fast breath
  • Flushed face and
  • Skin being exceptionally warm on touch

Babies usually become fussy and irritable when they feel hot. So, if your baby is keeping cool, you can be sure that he is feeling comfortable in what you’ve dressed him.

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