Psychological Movies to Watch

Psychological movies contains fear, suspense, bit comedy, horror, actual drama and attractive adventure which makes us to do complete concentrate towards the film and enjoy it with our friends and family. This theme is sometimes focus the life of those peoples who having mind thinking issues cause to be criminal by imbalance happened in their thinking style. There are two characters plays the role in which one plays negative role of evil, spirits or demons whose aim is to destroy the life of one while other character tries to save him/her from the negative character. In the complete plot, you will see drama, action, romance, fear and something different story.

This genre contains hundreds of psychological movies to watch and all of them are available only on our website where you will get all unique stories without any single dollar cost. Also there is no restriction to stream the contents or to download and share with unlimited devices with compare to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or any other else.

Psychological film started to release since 19th century during silent era where there was no sound and only black and white graphics were the part of the complete enjoy. “Blackmail”, a British picture which was produced in 1929 and directed by the world acclaimed director Alfred Hitchcock, that tells the story of a woman who falls subject to blackmail after killing a man who tried to rape her. “The Lady Vanishes” was his another thriller movie in 1938 based on the 1936 novel. There were many more films released and multiple stories are available since that time. If you compare that time pictures with latest pictures then, you will get perfect Visual Effects and High Quality Sounds which made possible to convert creativity and imagination in to reality with the help of advance technology. The 4d technology completely changed the film industry helps us to real analyze of the complete scenes. The day to day development of advance technology is also taking the film industry across the sea.

There are popular pictures released on Psychological genre like The Machinist in 2004, Inception in 2010, Zodiac in 2007, Split in 2016, Prisoners in 2013,  The invitation in 2015, Sinister in 2012 and many more. You can enjoy all the films only on our website 1moviesonline in HD and there is no charge to download and stream the contents. Just logon and enjoy each film right now. If you there is something you didn’t get then, you can let us know. We will add it instant for you in our stuff.


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