The Top Four Picks For The Best Men’s Underwear

In the past, a very common question directed at men was, “boxers or briefs?” This question illustrates the limited choices that have normally been afforded in the best mens underwear styles. If a man chose boxers, he could easily be considered traditional. If briefs were the preference, a man might be more forward-thinking in his attire.

Thank goodness fashion designers have adopted the cause of outfitting men with underwear styles that fit any sensibility. That being said, some men are still confused about which underwear to choose. Mens underwear is no longer a solitary and secondary fabric that separates the body from outer clothing. It is a vital part of a man’s wardrobe that can communicate many things about a man’s personality and outlook. Here is a breakdown of the many contemporary male underwear styles available.


This style is minimal and focused on providing support for anatomical features. Patterns are usually limited by waist-to-upper leg designs.


This traditional underwear is rather like a swimming short, or an athletic bottom. The fit is loose, and usually measures to the mid-thigh.

Boxer Briefs

This hybrid underwear design combines the support of standard briefs, but covers a larger area.


While this design has its origins in minimal swimsuits, it is still only a fashionable take on traditional briefs.


This type of underwear provides support, but has a reduced encroachment on the legs. The cuts can be shapely, or have a square appearance.

Jocks and Thongs

Many people do not realize that the thong was originally a male underwear piece. It provided support for male features, without any other material. The jock strap was originally geared toward athletes, but now has many modern underwear applications.

The problem most men have when choosing underwear is melding their personality and preferences with available fashion designs. Underwear for men serves multiple purposes. It protects and supports male features first and foremost. Next, it provides helps with shaping body contours that are visible under other fashion pieces like jeans, shorts, formal slacks, and casual wear. Finally, it communicates personality. Fortunately, there is an endless array of underwear designs to fit the personalities and lifestyles of any man.

Still, the questions every man has about choosing the right underwear rests on certain qualities. These are,

* Fit.

* Quality and durability.

* Perfect matches with personal preferences regarding fashion and body image.

Here are some top choices for underwear that suit a wide range of men. These choices have been determined according to traditional design motivations, not age, body type, or economic status. These are simply some of the finest underwear styles that men of varying personalities and body goals can experiment with wearing.

The Ultra-Traditional Male

The Gap Oxford Boxer Short is an ideal modern underwear design for men who like the freedom that this type of underwear provides. The waistband does not interfere with pant waist areas, or belts. The material length only goes to the upper thigh region. The reinforced fly remains flat, and it does not bunch with movement.

The Fashion-Forward, Yet Slightly Reserved Male

Calvin Klein has corned the world market for briefs that men love. This is because of an attention to how the briefs accentuate the male silhouette. These briefs feature a comfortable and wide waist band that helps make the wearer look slimmer. It also has a roomy pouch for support. Calvin Klein briefs feature an endless array of colors and print patterns.

Athletic Males

Boxer briefs are a great option, but trunks seem to meet the consensus view. Guys who do not want to wear tiny underwear love trunks because they convey degrees of masculinity and virility. Guys who want more freedom than what is provided by standard boxer briefs love trunks because they move better, and they make a body look more fit. Coincidentally, trunks are also a popular swimsuit style for men.

C-IN2 trunks are a great example of what this design intended to achieve. They provide male support, stay in place under any type of outer wear, and accentuate other body features. With a moderate length and proper material weaving, trunks make a man look well-endowed, fit, and perky on the backside. Yes, men are concerned with the look of their bodies too. Trunk undies are great tools for men wanting to look their best in all respects.

The Confident Male

No matter what body shape and features a man possesses, wearing underwear that excites a viewer is always an option. Whether it’s for a romantic meeting, or just personal pleasure, ultra-couture and risqué underwear for men is an option.

Andrew Christian underwear collections are perfect for the man who wants to have as much fun as he can with his underwear choice. This designer features minimal coverage styles like the Trophy Boy line that make a man’s package look inviting. Other collections feature cool color combinations and materials to fit any lifestyle. This underwear line pushes the boundaries of what men are willing to wear under casual clothes, or in social situations.

No matter what type of underwear a man prefers wearing, there are literally hundreds of choices to match. Underwear is now a primary focus of mens fashion, and every major designer has produced patterns to accommodate wide audiences. Men should choose underwear that not only matches daily needs , but addresses their lifestyles. The modern male will be sure to have a wide range of styles, cuts, fits, colors, and brands to meet all of his fashion demands. One thing is for sure, everyone loves a man who wears the best mens underwear underneath!

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