The combat boot is a tough nut to crack


You need different kinds of shoes for different occasions. Formal occasions require you to wear the formal shoes. You cannot wear the sports shoes to your office. At the same time, the formal shoes can look odd on the sports field. Under such circumstances, you need different types of shoes for going on trekking and other activities. The normal sports shoes are woefully inadequate in this regard. You need the special combat boot to cater to the tough surroundings when you go for hiking in the mountains. Let us look at this shoe design in brief and be aware of the advantages of using this variety of shoes.

The combat boots are special in many ways. They provide full protection to the feet and the ankles as they extend virtually to the base of the shin bone. You need such protection when you have to find your way through the mountainous ridges and the jungle paths.

There are many advantages of wearing this category of shoes.

– When you go for trekking deep inside the jungles, you require protection on various fronts. Your feet should be fully covered. The normal sandals expose the front part of the feet whereas the sports shoes expose the ankles. The combat boot, on the other hand covers the ankles as well.

– The combat boot has its history of use in the armed forces. You need such high boots to protect you from the insects in the deserts and the forests. Hence, these combat boots are the best bet for hiking and mountaineering activities,

– The combat boots are special in the sense that they fit tightly over the ankles. Hence, this protects the ankles from dislocations when you unknowingly slip on the rocks and the muddy paths.

– The forest floor and paths have thorns and insects strewn all over. They can get into your feet otherwise. The combat boot can offer protection as they literally come up to your shin.

– You have to traverse over rocks and streams. This can be a slippery exercise. The combat boots have strong grips thereby ensuring that you do not slip and fall down. They have the strength to bear the shocks as well.

– Though it is predominantly a boot worn by males, females can wear them as well. One has to be rugged inside the forest. They cannot give much importance to the fashion or style angles. The main issue here is protection to the feet. The combat boots can achieve this objective easily.

– These are made from waterproof materials. Hence, they can withstand the tough environment of the jungles. Right since their invention, they have proved their worth as a strong and sturdy piece of footwear. In a way, the creepers are also strong footwear.

– In keeping with the times, you can see a lot of improvement in their designs. You have combat boots of different colors available today. In the earlier period, they were available in camouflage colors alone. Now, you have a great variety on your hands.

These are the advantages of the combat boot. This piece of footwear can withstand the toughest of conditions and still come out unscathed.

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