Say goodbye to backpacks


Your kids might usually complain about how heavy their backpacks are or how their backs hurt from carrying their backpacks all day. Prolonged usage of heavy backpacks will take its toll on your child’s back and might even cause complications when he or she grows older.

There are a lot of alternatives to heavy backpacks that offer the same amount of carrying capacity without stressing your child’s back. zuca is one such brand that offers your child the option of carrying all of his or her school supplies without having the need to carry it on their backs, therefore reducing the stress given to their backs and furthermore avoiding future back complications or problems.

Personalize your bag

The bag consists of two parts, the frame and the compartment, that’s it. It’s pretty simple yet functional. It has a lot of design options for you or your child to choose from so you can basically customize the bag to your liking and since this is possible, no bag is the same as the other. You won’t have to worry about your kids complaining that they don’t want to use the bag since a lot of people are using them and they don’t want that. With the Zuca bags, you won’t have any problem, simply let them choose the design or colour combination that they want and voila! A customized one of a kind bag just for them.

Quality that can last a lifetime

In any bag, durability is a must. These bags are made out of high quality materials to ensure that the would last for a long time and can withstand daily use and abuse without ever so much as losing durability. It’s also light and waterproof so you can carry and move it around with ease and can withstand being exposed to the rain. You need not worry anymore about your books, notebooks or anything that you put inside the bag getting wet since it’s practically water resistant. Keep your things dry in a reliable and sturdy bag that can last you for a long time. this is what buyers are looking for in a bag. One that can be used wherever and be stylish enough, but also something that is sturdy and won’t give up that easily.

You don’t need to stick with the design that you currently have

As for taste, as your kids usually grow older, their taste in colour and design might change and would also possibly want to change how the bag looks. Instead of buying a new set, you can buy separate parts that are wanted to be changed, whether your kids wants a new design for the bags or want a new coloured frame, you can buy each separately instead of buying a new, complete set. Since the designs are interchangeable, it’s also relatively easy to swap out the old bag or frame for the new one.

The bag is not only limited to students who want an alternative bag to carry their heavy school supplies but is also a very practical bag that can be used by just about anyone. Whether you’re an active person and want something you can put your gym or exercise things in or you are into sports, makeup artistry or even want something for your pets, you will find this bag very useful.